Activeon CX Action Camera (Onyx Black)

This little baby really is a substitute for buying a GoPro if you can live without 4k and the ability to use external microphones. It’s absolutely a Chinese copy-cat but it costs almost 1/10th the price of a new GoPro (at the time of this writing). The link above is for the previous version, but Amazon sent me two of the Gold versions when I ordered so YMMV. The Gold version operates at 1080P, has a 2 inch LCD touchscreen, and comes with a waterproof housing. I’ve yet to test the housing but it’s the same housing used for GoPro’s and the gasket looks sound so I don’t have any concerns. This camera takes all the GoPro aftermarket accessories (which are really cheap these days) and comes with an 8 GB SD card. Even at $100 (which is what the list price for the ACTIVEON CX Gold Action Camera (Black Gold) which is what I accidentally? received from Amazon) this represent a significant value. The build quality is good, and I’m impressed with the video quality. The still photos are junk, however, so don’t buy this if you intend to use it for a lot of pictures or time-lapse. It has 4 LEDs that indicate when it’s recording, a host of decent software features for adjust settings and conserving battery, and a battery that you can swap out. No extra battery is included, but at this price how could it be?

I bought two and am tempted to buy a few more before Amazon realized it is shipping the Gold at the price of the base model. Get yours now, you won’t be disappointed. Even if you use a higher end action camera normally, you can treat this one as semi-disposable for concerts, parties or lending out to friends.

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